Vibe BlackDeath BDAC12A-V1

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Vibe Black Death BDAC 12 A V1 12" / 30 cm Bandpass Gehäusesubwoofer

VIBE Audio are the undisputed masters of bass enclosure technology. For years fans have requested a product that combines the performance and value of the bestselling enclosure designs with uncompromising insanity of the BlackDeath range. The wait is over.

Die Merkmale des Vibe BLACKDEATHAC12A-V1 Woofers:

Slot Port
All current BlackDeath enclosures feature a huge, highly efficient slot port with ABS port trim smoothing the airflow in and out of the enclosure. The slot port delivers high volume output with almost zero turbulance giving a rich full sound with an excellent deep, hard hitting bass punch.

Powerbo Bass 3
Introducing the PowerBox Bass 3, the most powerful ever VIBE active enclosure amplifier. Available on the BlackDeath CBR and AC enclosures it delivers immense power in a compact package, VIBE have used the latest Class D amplifier technology for excellent efficiency and extreme output.

Pressure Wedge 2
The unique shape of the enclosure means it can be installed to fire bass at either the front or the back of the vehicle, and the A.R.B.S.S. feet (Anti Resonance Bass Support System) raise the box off the vehicle floor to prevent the transference of vibration for a cleaner bass sound.

Die technischen Daten des Vibe Black Death Gehäusesubwoofers:

- Active: Integrated PowerBox 3 Amplifier
- Speaker Size: 12? (323mm)
- 600 watts RMS
- 1800 watts PEAK
- Configuration: Bandpass
- Maße: 431 x 680 x 500 mm

Lieferumfang: 1 Gehäusesubwoofer inkl. Einbauzubehör und Montageanleitung

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