Powerbass L-6802X

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Powerbass L - 6802x 6 x 8" 2-Wege-Koaxiallautsprecher oval

Designed for today’s progressive music, our L-Series now use a re-engineered Sound Expander Lens to compliment our Aluminum Dome tweeter. By increasing the dispersion you will hear your favorite rap, hip hop or rock music like never before. Upgrading your factory speakers is the most effective way to increase the sound quality of your factory sound system. By adding quality aftermarket speakers, you will enjoy your music loud and clear. The PowerBass L Series systems can make it all come together in a big way, providing you with accurate mid-range and crisp highs that complement the rest of your system without a strain on the wallet. The L Series has numerous features, but one that stands out is the use of a 3-ohm voice coil to make more efficient use of your amplifiers power. Most amplifiers make more power running at a lower impedance and by using a 3-ohm voice coil, you get more output. To handle this power, we include upgraded features like black stamped custom tooled baskets, our new second generation Z-2 cones to produce the best in distortion free sound reproduction, Butyl rubber surrounds for high efficiency, better bass response and long life, and a larger motor structure to handle increased power. Audition a set of our L Series today and let your ears decide!

Übersicht zu den Eigenschaften des Powerbass L-6802 x:

- Aluminum Dome 3/4" Tweeter
- Z-2 Titanium Zirconium Cone
- Butyl Rubber Surround
- 3-Ohm System Impedance
- Heavy Motor Structure
- Rigid Tooled Basket with Black Powder Coat Finish
- SEL Tweeter Ring (Sound Expander Lens)

Die technischen Daten des Powerbass L- 6802 x:

Size: 6 x 8"
Power Handling: 70 watts RMS/210 watts Peak
Nominal Impedance: 3 Ohm
Frequency Response: 54 Hz-21 kHz
Sensitivity (1W / 1M): 89 dB
Magnet Size: 14 oz
Mounting Depth: 2.4"
Depth: 61 mm

Lieferumfang: 1 Koaxiallautsprecher inkl. Produktanleitung

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