Powerbass ASA 700.5x

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Powerbass ASA700.5 x 5-Kanal A/B Endstufe

Clean X Power with the soul of rock and roll or whatever your taste..

We asked our engineers to load up on features usually found only in other brands high-end ranges. Feature packed with a wide line-up of 2, 4 and even 5 channel amplifiers, ASA Amplifiers meet the needs of any serious audiophile. With its elegant, brushed satin black finish, clean lines and rounded edges, our ASA amplifiers will not leave you asking for more. These amplifiers deliver pure, clean power with the soul of rock and roll or whatever your taste. Variable 12 dB, high/low pass electronic crossover for infinite system applications. A MOSFET power supply for efficient and distortion-free sound reproduction which offers 2-ohm stereo or 4-ohm mono stable capabilities. User-friendly features like a variable bass boost control with 18 dB of boost at 40 Hz to give you more output from your subwoofers. If you really want serious control of your subwoofer output, an optional remote gain control is available.

Übersicht zu den Eigenschaften der Powerbass ASA 700.5x :

-2-ohm Stereo/4-ohm Mono Stable
-MOSFET Power Supply
-Variable 12 dB, High/Low Pass Electronic Crossover
-Variable Bass Boost
-Optional Remote Gain Control

Übersicht zu den technischen Daten der Powerbass ASA 700. 5x :

4-ohm Power: 4 x 50 watts + 200 x 1
2-ohm Power: 4 x 100 watts + 400 x 1
4-ohm Mono Power: 2 x 200 watts + 400 x 1
Peak Power: 1400 watts
Total Harmonic Distortion: unter 0,05%
Frequency Response: 20 Hz~22,000 Hz
S/N Ratio: über 94 dB
Damping Factor: über 150
Input Sensitivity: 0.5 - 4.0 volts
Crossover Slope: 12 dB
High-Pass Crossover Frequenzy (Hz): 40 Hz~250 Hz
Low-Pass Crossover Frequenzy (Hz): 40 Hz~250 Hz
Variable Subwoofer EQ: 0/+18dB
Subwoofer EQ Frequency: 40 Hz
Dimensions: 14,9" x 9,3" x 1,9"
size: 383 x 238 x 52 mm (L x W x H)

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