Phoenix Gold SD600.1

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Phoenix Gold SD 600.1 1-Kanal Subwoofer Endstufe (Monoblock)

SD Amplifiers are the newest creation from the engineering gurus at Phoenix Gold. These amplifiers are ultra compact, so they can be mounted just about anywhere. But don't be fooled by their small size as these amplifiers deliver serious power output. The PG gurus have created a full-range Class D topology that seamlessly delivers outstanding sound quality that even the most sensitive of ears will enjoy. The Class D design is also ultra efficient. This means lower operating temperatures and less strain on the vehicle's electrical system. The SD amplifiers are the perfect balance of power, size and affordability.

Die technischen Daten des Phönix Gold SD 600 1:

Art: digital Class D
Größe B x H x T: 290 x 50 x 178 mm
Frequenzgang: 20 Hz – 300 Hz
Leistung an 1Ohm: 1x 600 Watt
Leistung an 2Ohm: 1x 400 Watt
Bass Boost: 0 dB - 18 dB
Filter: 12 dB Aktivfilter
Subsonic Filter: 10 – 55 Hz

Die Merkmale des PhoenixGold SD6001 Monoblocks:

- Class D Topology
- Compact Size for Easy Installation
- Robust Unregulated Power Supply
- Surface Mount Component Technology
- Panel Mounted RCAs
- RBC - Remote Bass Level Control Included
- Direct Insert Power and Speaker Terminals
- Audio Precision Quality Control Verification
- High Temperature Plexiglass Cover

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