Kicker IQ500.2 mit DSP

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Kicker IQ 500.2 Verstärker DSP

The IQ500.2 Two Channel Amplifier brings stunning clarity to your vehicle in an attractive black aluminum chassis. A blue LED light tells you the amp is on, and ready to rock!

While the amplifier easily connects to nearly any radio in the market, its connectivity doesn’t stop there. With the optional IQI™ Bluetooth interface, your phone can replace the radio as the audio source. In addition to allowing phone voice commands as well as receiving/placing calls, it also allows wireless operation of the free TWEEQ app on your iOS and Android devices.

The IQ500.2 delivers 125 watts x 2 at 4O and 250 watts x 2 at 2O. See below for more details.

Die technischen Daten des Kicker IQ 500 2 Verstärkers:

RMS Power (Watt)
@ 14.4V, 4 Ohm stereo, = 1% THD+N : 125 x 2
@ 14.4V, 2 Ohm stereo, = 1% THD+N : 250 x 2
@ 14.4V, 4 Ohm mono, = 1% THD+N : 500 x 1

Length (in, cm)
9-7/16, 24

Height (in, cm)
2-1/16, 5.2

Width (in, cm)
7-9/16, 19.1

Frequency Response (Hz)
20 - 20k

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (dB)
>95, A-weighted, re: rated power

Input Sensitivity
Low Level: 125mV-5V
High Level: 250mV-10V

Selectable Electronic Crossover
Variable LP 40-180Hz, 24dB/octave

KickEQ™ Bass Boost
Variable 0–12dB @ 40Hz

KickEQ™ Bass Boost (end panel adjustable)
Variable 0–18dB @ 40Hz

"KickEQ+™ Parametric Bass Boost (Remote Control Adjustable)"
Boost : Variable 0-18db
Adjustable Center Frequency : 24Hz-80Hz
Bandwidth : .5-10

Selectable Active Crossover
Variable High Pass and Low Pass 10Hz–20,000Hz
Adjustable Butterworth slope : OFF, 6, 12, 18 or 24dB/octave
Adjustable Linkwitz-Riley slope : OFF, 6 or 12dB/Octave

Graphic 31 Band, 1/3 octave, + or - 12dB

Time Delay
Adjustable Delay : 0-20ms
Adjustable increments : .02ms, .1 ms and 1.0 ms

Adjustable Attack and Release time; Adjustable 1:1 - 10:1 ratio
Adjustable Threshold, -80 - 10dB

Input Mixer
Maps signal inputs to specified speaker outputs

CEA Power
125x 2 @ 4 ohms, 14.4VDC, 1% THD, CEA-2006B (Watts)

CEA Signal-to-Noise Ratio
-80dB CEA-2006B (ref: 1W, A-weighted)

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