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Hertz MPX 690 3 3-Wege Koaxsystem

The three-way MPX 690.3 car audio coaxial, optimized for rear deck mount, features a 28 mm Tetolon tweeter with Neodymium magnet and faceplate profile maximizing the off-axis dispersion. A supertweeter strengthens the emission of very high frequencies and the basket radial venting system ensures low operating temperatures. The sound has an impressive impact and ensures perfect control, also with extensive high dynamic listening.

Die Merkmale des Hertz Audio MPX-690.3 Systems:

- 38 mm pure copper woofer voice coil wound on a Polyamide former for exceptional power handling and dynamic compression-free reproduction.
- Pressed-pulp cone with cotton fibers material, combining stiffness and lightweight for a wide frequency response.
- Large rubber surround designed for long throw and optimal sound damping.
- Over-sized ferrite magnet combined with very low carbon content iron plates, for low distortion at high power levels.
- Aerodynamic thus acoustically transparent aluminium alloy basket, eliminates rear wave reflections.
- Anti-vibration rubber magnet cover, damps spurious vibrations.
- 28mm voice coil Neodymium Tetolon fiber dome tweeter, for undistorted mid-frequency reproduction.
- 20mm voice coil Neodymium Tetolon fiber dome super tweeter, to naturally compensate for drop-off in frequency response due to speaker horizontal installation.
- Tweeter faceplate with geometry optimized with FEM (Finite Element Modeling) simulations, to provide excellent off-axis frequency response up to 24kHz by perfectly mixing the two tweeters’ emission.
- Full protection metal mesh grill featuring the aluminium Hertz logo and attractive look mineral powder coated inner grill are included for several install combinations.

Die technischen Daten der Hertz MPX 690 3:

- Power Handling - Peak Watt: 260
- Power Handling - Continuous Watt: 130
- Impedanz: 4 Ohm
- Frequenzbereich: 30 - 24000 Hz
- Sensitivity dB SPL: 94
- Woofer size mm (in.): 6 x 9
- Tweeter size mm (in.): 35 (1.4)
- Supertweeter size mm (in.): 29 (1.14)
- Woofer Voice Coil Durchmesser mm (in.): 38 (1.5)
- Tweeter Voice Coil Durchmesser mm (in.): 28 (1.1)
- Woofer magnet: High density flux ferrite
- Tweeter magnet: Neodymium
- Woofer cone: Pressed-pulp cone with cotton fibers
- Tweeter dome: Tetolon
- Supertweeter dome: Tetolon

Lieferumfang: 1 Koaxialsystem, bestehend aus einem Paar (= 2 Stück) Koaxlautsprechern inkl. Einbauzubehör und Montageanleitung

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