Hertz EBX 200.5

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Hertz EBX 200.5 Bassreflex-Gehäuse Subwoofer

Designed to provide bursting dynamics and to minimise size requirements, EBX products result from long studies about car compartment acoustics. These boxes have an inclination wall; they are made of very thick MDF, in order for them to be inert and stable. Xponential Flanged Duct is a proprietary raccord style vent, reducing air turbulences to a minimum. The terminals were designed with special attention paid to ergonomics and efficiency. They are flush mounted into a milled recess in the enclosure itself, improving the integrity of the installation. Thanks to their unique pressure contact design, a low resistance transfer of power is ensured, without damaging the exposed wire strands. Two ergonomic handles, covered in anti-slip rubber, aid in the removal of the enclosure from the vehicle and the ease of its transportation.

Die technischen Merkmale des EBX 200.5 Gehäusesubwoofers:

- 20 mm MDF employed to minimize enclosure losses
- Slanted rear panel helps reduce back wave reflections and eases installation
- Xponential Flanged Duct. for powerful, undistorted output; perfect for the long excursion subwoofer used
- Molded composite grille offers total speaker protection and great cosmetic appeal
- Proprietary connection terminals provide the outmost in functionality and safety
- Ergonomic anti-slip rubber handles aid in the removal of the enclosure

Die technischen Daten des EBX 200.5 Bassreflex-Gehäusesubwoofers:

- Spitzenbelastbarkeit: 500 Watt
- Dauerbelastbarkeit: 250 Watt
- Impedanz: 4 Ohm
- Frequenzbereich: 30 – 400 Hz
- Empfindlichkeit: 91 dB SPL

Lieferumfang: 1 Bassreflex-Gehäuse Subwoofer

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