Excursion SHX 10 D4

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Excursion SHX 10 D4 25 cm / 10" Subwoofer-Chassis

EXCURSION...is all you need

New SHX Excursion driver feature 5-layer pressed wool/paper cone with glasfiber reinformcement for natural bass reproduction. Large foam surround for unlimited movement. Rigid stamped oversized and vented Excursion steel basket. Linear precise spider design with reliable wooven tinseal. Single 4Ohm, Dual 4Ohm as well professional Dual 2 Ohm Impdedances for 15" size. High temperature resistant and top vented 2" or 2.5" BASV on aluminium voice coil formers. Extra bumped and pole vented backpate for max strokes and internal motor cooling. Individual optimized Motodesign for each size goes up to 230Oz for 15". Stylish protected with Excursion Rubber Boot. SHX Series offers a legendary Value for small sealed or preferable very powerful ported enclosures.

Die Merkmale der eXcursion SHX 10D4 Subwoofer:

Black Mica Poly Cone with inverted full sized dustcap

Rubber Double Wide Surround

Solid stamped and eXcursion patended flanged and oversized steel basket technology

2 x 4 Ohm impedance

1,5" round pure copper voice coil

Weightless high temperature resistant kapton former

Aerodynamic pole piece vented and bumped chrome backplate ensure no limits for maximum strokes

High grade and efficient 80 Oz motor structure

Excursion rubber boot and gasket

Die technischen Daten des Excursion SHX 10D4:

- Baugröße: 10" / 25 cm

- Nominalimpedanz: 2 x 4 Ohm

- Belastbarkeit: 300 Watt RMS / 800 Watt maximal

- Wirkungsgrad: 91 dB @ 2,83 Volt

- Einbautiefe: 126 mm

- Einbaudurchmesser: 232 mm

- Außendurchmesser: 262 mm

- Gewicht:4,0 kg

Lieferumfang: 1 Subwooferchassis inkl. Produktanleitung

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