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audison Prima APK 130 2 Wege Lautsprechersystem (130 / 26 mm)

Speaker systems developed using the same performance targets as the Prima amplifiers. Astonishing efficiency, fundamental to an OEM upgrade speaker, in conjunction with the natural sound and high power handling of a premium quality speaker. The coax models tout the maximum in technological expression: a concentric tweeter with acoustic lens correction combined with a pulp cone and a 32 mm (1.25 in.) voice coil. The high power handling and consequent bass articulation, along with dispersion and phase consistency in the high frequency range, provide the ability to achieve the performance of a competent 2-way system in those cars where this type of system is not feasible due to physical restraints.

With the Prima speaker range, different solutions have been introduced to simplify, to the maximum extent, OEM Integration and achieve a result capable of satisfying the Audison quality criteria. The electro-acoustic designers focused their attention on those drivers dedicated in reproducing the whole audio range the coaxial, as these are those most critical in reconstructing the sound stage and so in recreating the "live" effect in a Car Audio system. By using advanced technologies such as Finite Element Method (FEM) modelling, as well as a prolonged "Voicing" phase, consisting of in-car listening sessions, it has been decided to adopt a concentric tweeter within the woofer, providing one single point of emission. This typology of speaker ensures that the musical signal is reproduced with high linearity of acoustic phase; therefore the listener perceives it as being disarmingly natural. In order to control dispersion of the high frequency range, the concentric tweeter features an acoustic lens specifically designed to ensure an extremely linear frequency response when installed in the door, thus entirely off-axis. The combination of such build choices offer the possibility to achieve performance and sound quality comparable to a two-way system for those vehicles prohibiting this type of speaker installation.
On top of this, a believable acoustic sound stage is projected towards the listener. The concentric tweeter also provides the ability to mount the speakers in extreme locations. As an example, in installations where the tweeter of a typical coaxial driver protrudes and may come in contact with the OEM door panel/grille, the Prima line makes the installation simple and reliable. It was during the aforementioned “Voicing” phase that the Audison designers decided to employ a 32 mm pure copper voice coil for the coax woofers; an unusual choice from a technical and cost standpoint for this market range where most competitive product employs a 25 mm coil. The reasons behind that choice can be found in the will to respect the two main goals of this project: high power handling and maximum efficiency. In fact, combined with an amplifier, the 32mm coil ensures musical reproduction void of compression, especially during musical peaks where the motor assembly has to withstand mechanical and thermal stress. The efficiency has been maximised by eliminating low pass crossover components for the woofer: even just a simple filter inductor in series with the woofer, due to the resistance of its winding, introduces a loss which in turn lowers efficiency and sound pressure level. By not employing any type of filter, our designers had to optimize the cone profile in each model using the Klippel R&D Scan Vibrometer to obtain a calibrated "mechanical" low-pass cut-off frequency, therefore achieving a frequency response close to that of a filtered woofer! The result of this exhausting work of research gave life to a series of speakers capable of handling noticeable power combined with high efficiency and a balanced timbre.

audison Prima APK 130 2 Wege Lautsprecher System im Überblick:

1 AP1 tweeter with 26 mm diameter diaphragm combined with a wide-roll surround provides maximum efficiency and reduced resonance frequency.
2 AP 1 tweeter with acoustic lens designed to compensate for and fine tune the in-car frequency response anomalies in the 10kHz-13kHz bandwidth caused by restrictive OEM grilles in critical OEM placements.
3 APCX TW very compact tweeter passive crossover optimised for OEM Integration featuring an attenuation switch (0 dB, +2dB) to tune the in-car response according to different installation conditions.
4 Passive crossovers are supplied with "OEM Integration compliant" fast-on connectors. The ends, different in each of the two poles, eliminate any possible connection errors and speed up the required installation time.
5 AP 5 woofer with 32 mm pure copper voice coil, for high power handling and outstanding low frequency control.
6 AP 5 woofer with water-repellent treated paper cone, featuring a profile developed with FEM (Finite Element Method) simulation. technology and optimized with the Klippel R&D Scan Vibrometer.
7 AP5 woofer with reduced mounting depth, providing ease of installation in OEM placements.
8 AP5 woofer with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) surround, featuring the exclusive shallow "Triple Wave" profile, for maximum excursion linearity.
9 AP 5 woofer with compact basket, protected by abrasion-resistant and scratch-proof coating, the motor affixed with damping epoxy adhesive.
10 AP 5 woofer with high current fast-on terminal with double contact on positive and negative poles for high flexibility and quick connection. The terminal features a temperature resistant plastic cover, protecting it against accidental short circuits.
11 AP 5 woofer with high current fast-on terminal with double contact on positive and negative poles for high flexibility and quick connection. The terminal features a temperature resistant plastic cover, protecting it against accidental short circuits.
* Grille included

Technische Daten
System: 13 cm 2-Wege
Belastbarkeit: 75 / 225 W RMS / Peak
Weiche: HP 3,5kHz 6dB
Impedanz: 4 Ohm
Frequenzbereich: 70 - 20 kHz
Schwingspule TMT / Tweeter: 32 / 20 mm
SPL: 93 dBA

X-Max: + / - 2 mm
Re: 3,1 Ohm
Fs: 85 Hz
Le: 0,25 mH
VAS: 4,3 l
Mms: 9,1 g
Cms: 0,37 mm/N
BL: 4,7 T-m
Qts: 0,63
Qes: 0,89
Qms: 7,2

Woofer (Ø): 130 mm (5'')
Tweeter (Ø): 26 mm (1")
Magnet Größe: 85 x 40 x 13 mm (3.35 x 1.57 x 0.51'')
Schwingspule (Ø): Woofer 32 mm (1,26") / Tweeter 20 mm (0.8")
Gewicht eines Lautsprechers: Woofer 0,65 mm (1,43"0) / Tweeter 0,04 mm (0,09")

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