ARC Audio XDi 5.2

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Arc Audio XDi5.2 13cm / 5,25" 2-Wege Komponenten-System

The ARC Audio speaker lineup is the best value and performance of a speaker in its class allowing users to make a generously progressive step up from any OEM system along with those bench mark high performance systems on a budget.

Without compromise to performance or quality the XDi speaker lineup offers users the most competitive and best sounding value of any speaker in its price or performance category.

XDi offers users enhanced acoustical considerations including dynamically designed motor structures with enhanced midbass and low frequency response, dynamic midrange and enhanced upper frequencies allowing users to have speakers capable of producing that open, live and realistic sound that you get in concerts and live performances.

Die technischen Daten der ARCAudio XDi-5.2:

Diameter: 5.25"
Power Handling (Peak): 160 Watts
Power Handling (RMS): 80 Watts
Frequency Response: 75Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity: 87dB
Impedance: 4 ohms
External Crossover: Traditional w/attenuation
Tweeter Diameter: 28mm
Tweeter dome material: Silk

Die Merkmale des ARC Audio XDI 5.2 Kompo-System:

- 5.25" full range component system
- Sold in complete sets only
- Designed and Engineered in the USA
- 2- Way Component Design
- Reinforced injected poly cone material
- Heavy duty stamped aluminum basket
- Vented Basket Design for improved midbass, overall output and elimination of rear wave distortion
- Ultra Low Distortion linear suspension design
- Hi Temperature Copper / Kapton voice coil
- Hi End Audiophile crossover components
- PTC Tweeter protection
- 28mm Silk dome tweeter

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