ARC Audio XDi 450.4 v2

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Arc Audio XDiv2 450 4 Kanal Verstärker

XDi Class D amplifiers have several specific benefits. Compact size, high efficiency and very low heat output are all characteristics of a Class D design. Installation in today's cars is significantly more challenging then ever before. When you need a realistic solution that is really up to meeting this challenge XDi is the answer. XDi takes the different class D designs and blends them to there best advantage. By adding the latest compact, full range chipsets to a tried and tested low frequency class D subwoofer channel XDi really offers best of class performance.

Full range class D is well understood however mixing it with frequency limit class D subwoofer designs is not a common solution. Our years of engineering experience and know how give us an uncommon insight into the issues associated with mixing different platforms in a single design.

ARC Audio's XDi amplifiers take advantage of the latest chip sets to achieve our signature smooth, warm and musical sound from a design that has always been considered "Raw Power" but not high fidelity. By taking our time to sample all the available solutions on the market we were able to select the IC that best lived up to our high standards and was suitable for use in our mixed architecture design.

By mixing design platforms we achieve both the sonic characteristics we are famous for and the raw Class D power you demand to drive today's power hungry subwoofers. Mixing these designs allow us to infinitely scale the power of the subwoofer channels without compromise to the clarity and power of the full range channels.

By using exclusively Class D architecture in the XDi the heat produced is kept to a minimum making it the most compact and powerful of the ARC Audio line while the reduction of the raw material also makes it our most affordable.

Die technischen Daten der ARCAudio XDiv-2-450-4:

- 4 Channels @ 4 ohms: 85 Watts
- 4 Channels @ 2 ohms: 125 Watts
- 2 Channels @ 4 ohms: 250 Watts
- Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
- Crossover Range (Front): 50Hz - 3kHz
- Crossover Range (Rear): HP 10Hz - 1kHz / LP 50Hz - 3kHz
- Bass Boost: 0 - 9 dB @ 45Hz
- Input Sensitivity (Low): 200mV - 3.5V
- Fuse: 2 x 25 Amp
- Dimensions: 208 x 53 x 160 mm

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