ARC Audio KS125.2BX2 mini

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Arc Audio KS 125.2 BX Mini 2-/1-Kanal Verstärker

The KS Mini amplifiers are a totally "out of the box" rethink of what an amplifier can be. By taking a proven but underutilized Pro Audio amplifier class and bringing it up to date with modern components we can achieve uncompromising sound quality in a compact chassis that makes installation in even the most challenging cars and trucks a breeze.

Switching to a higher class. Class G and Class G/H amplifiers offer the best of all possible characteristics. Power output, distortion, efficiency, heat, noise, size are all class leading specs with this design.

Why does this class or amplifier perform so well? It's built for music not test tones or noise. Class G/H works with the dynamics of music not against then. When an amplifier is playing music even at full volume, due to its dynamic nature, it is really only working above 1/2 power about 10% of the time. You only need full power during the very loud passages like the impact of a drum or the pluck of a bass string. The rest to the time your 2500 watt amp is making less then 1200 watts. That's where the KS amp's Class G/H comes in. It's like having 2 amps in one. A 400 watt amp that can be a lot smaller and makes a lot less heat that in a fraction of a second becomes an 2500 watt monster. The trick of making this work is striking a balance between switching this high power section on and off. It takes the years of experience Nikola Engineering has to achieve this delicate balance.

BX2 is a bass frequency extension technology that provides perceived bass frequency response below the low frequency cut off in an audio system.

BX2 uses the principle of the missing fundamental, which creates the sensation of low frequencies by generating a carefully calculated series of harmonics designed to simulate the auditory experience in the human ear caused by the missing fundamental pitch.

These harmonics extend the perceived frequency response up to 1.5 octaves below the speaker cutoff frequency (f3) without perceived distortion, increased peak power consumption or peak speaker excursion.

BX2 technology allows the system user to experience dramatically improved levels of system performance, sound quality and improved low frequency response by:

Increasing low frequency output and performance without causing the speakers to perform outside their physical design limitations.

Decreasing power consumption during low frequency reproduction up to 75%. Allows small format speakers to reproduce low frequencies traditionally designed for larger speakers.

Die technischen Daten der ARCAudio KS 125-2 BXmini:

2 Channels @ 4 ohms: 70 Watts
2 Channels @ 2 ohms: 125 Watts
1 Channel @ 4 ohms (bridged): 250 Watts
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Crossover Range: 50Hz - 550Hz Variable
BX2 Technology: Yes
S/N Ratio: 101 dB
Input Sensitivity (Low): 170mV - 3.5V
Fuse: 1 x 30 Amp
Dimensions: 8.25"(L) x 4.8"(W) x 1.7"(H)

Die Merkmale des ARC Audio KS125.2 BX Mini Verstärkers:

- The KS125.2BX Mini exclusively incorporates ARC Audio’s BX2 Low frequency enhancement technology. The BX2 technology gives you big bass and improved low frequency response without the additional physical demand on your speakers.
- The KS125.2BX Mini uses a high velocity forced induction fan for additional cooling
- Bridge Auto detect mode (Autosense Turn On)
- Ultra compact chassis design allows for installation in small vehicles and inside the factory fairing of most HD brand motorcycles.
- Class G/H switching design allows for maximum sound quality, performance and reliability without distortion and lack of performance of digital Class-D amplifiers.
- Designed by audio industry engineer Robert Zeff
- Self branded ultra low ESR Caps and power supply components allow for maximum efficiency without any compromise of sound quality or long term performance
- Protection against: Reverse voltage, Speaker Short, and Thermal Overload
- Wide band over voltage protection allows for continued use without interruption from very high voltage spikes that can happen with stator based charging systems.
- Can drive highly reactive loads
- Hi Level speaker inputs for OEM application and integration from most factory radios allowing you to retain all of the factory steering wheel/handle bar controls and features.
- Optically isolated Mosfet power supply
- Stable to 2 ohms stereo
- Ultra Low Radiated Noise for Clean AM/FM/ reception

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